Goods returned

Goods returned:
1.   When the customer receives the goods, (except for non-refundable products) within 14 days from the date of receipt (health food and food within seven days), found that the goods are not purchased, type, or delivery Process caused by product deterioration or damage,
Please contact us first, we will provide customers with replacement or refund service. In the event of any dispute.
The Company reserves the right of final decision.
2.   If the goods are the same as those you ordered, and there is no quality problem, the replacement and return service will not be provided.
If you need to replace or refund,
Please ensure the integrity of the goods, (unopened, packaging tape or box is not torn off, and no damage); otherwise can not provide replacement and return services.
 3.   If the following conditions the company will not provide replacement and return services, same as:
·      Product receipt has been more than 14 days. (Health food and food required within seven days)
•     The product has been opened or used (for example, the adhesive tape or box is torn off).
·      The product does not remain intact, damaged or incomplete.
    ·  It is stated as a discount product, clearance product or sale product that does not accept return before sale.
    · Any free gifts and trial gifts.
     · For personal hygiene reasons, all topical skin care products will not be returned after they are available.
 Refund terms:
      Before returning or refunding, check and verify the return, if found to fail to meet the above terms,
      will not be returned or refund, will not be responsible for the goods returned.

      At the time of the refund, the original order shipping and handling charges will not be returned, inconvenience, please forgive me.

      The total amount of goods returned will be returned to the customer. Such as the return of the goods comes with promotional gifts
      or special purchase of products, etc., must also be returned to the goods, or will not be dealt with. In the event of any dispute,
      the Company reserves the right of final decision.